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These are the authors and co-authors of Pies Eat Tables, and a little bit of information about each of them.


TRISTAN PROCELL: I am the creator of Pies Eat Tables, and the one based off of the character, Tristan. I created P.E.T. on March 23, inspired by Edd Gould, the creators of Cyanide and Happiness, and others. The jacket Tristan wears in P.E.T. is a jacket I actually have. I love the jacket, because it shows my main color (red), plus it has headphones in it! I'm currently in the 9th grade (just passed 8th) and I hope to be an amazing cartoonist when I grow up.

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RYAN BRITO: Ryan is one of my friends, and the person Pablo is based off of. We met at school and became friends there. He talks about peoples moms a lot (not necessarily Ty/Ethan's mom) in real life, just like he does in the comic. His outfit was made, because Ryan has a grey jacket and his main color is green. Pretty simple. Ryan hopes to become an animator when he grows up.

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TY DOZIER: Ty is another of my friends that I met at school. I met Ty a year before I met Ryan. We didn't get along very well, but we're friends now, because of Ryan. I chose for Ethan to love meat, because Ty is an eating monster. He eats and eats yet never gets full! And after all that he's still skinny! Ty gets annoying A LOT, but one thing about him is that he doesn't let people talk shit about him. Ethan's hoodie was made, because of Ty's grey hoodie. I changed it to blue, because blue is Ethan's main color, though.

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RICHARD: This is the guy that Deceban is based off of. He's the only one that I've never met in person. I met Richard on the deviantART. I'm not sure if I watched him or he watched me first. When I first made P.E.T. he said that he wanted to be a co-author, so I said yes since I needed another. He decided his name would be Deceban (I have no idea why) and that his main color is yellow. I decided for Deceban to be a violent character for no apparent reason (don't start thinking he's a communist or terrorist or whatever because of it. Everyone thought that about Tord from Eddsworld).

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